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What are SEO Services?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services are meant to improve visibility and ultimately organic search traffic to websites. This is done by following certain rules and guidelines set by the search engines.

If you’re looking to grow your business by attracting more visitors to your site, then SEO optimization is one of the most important things you can do for your website. When it comes to SEO, there are many different types of services available, but the most common one is called On-Page SEO search engine optimization.

It’s the process of optimizing your website so that it ranks well in search engines. This way, more people will find your website when they search for something related to your niche.

SEO Services

Why is SEO Important?

You may be tempted to do your own search engine optimization. However, it is very difficult to achieve success on your own in a competitive industry without expert knowledge and experience. There are some things that you will need help with that only professionals can provide.

seo services

Search engines (also called web crawlers) are powerful tools that are used to discover and index web pages, nearly 94% of web traffic occurs on search engines. If you want your website to be found, you need to get it indexed by the major search engines and ranked highly.

There’s no magic in the world that will make your traffic magically appear; you have to work for it! There are likely thousands of websites that have similar topics and themes as your own. Google Search must decide which websites to list on any given position in the search results for any given search query.  

Implementation of SEO best practices is essential to ensure that your website captures the right web traffic by search engines for relevant search queries.

SEO Services We Offer

Website Speed Optimization Services Made Easy!

Website Speed Optimization Services

A slow-loading website has a huge negative impact on the overall performance of your business, and brand.  While faster sites are more appealing to both users and search engines. At Ask Mr. Abu we make sure your website loads fast, passes Google’s Core Web Vitals metrics, and ranks you higher.

Why is site speed important?

If you’re on this page you might be having an issue with your website loading slowly, or just interested in speeding up your website as much as possible. There’s no doubt you’re well aware, if a website is slow to load you will quickly lose patience and go elsewhere. Your own website is no different.

Webside Speed Optimzation Service

Slow websites are annoying, they frustrate prospects and even existing customers. Your customers want your website to work well fast so that they can browse and buy without waiting for pages to load.

When it comes to speed, Google does not like slow websites. They’ve made it clear that they won’t rank slow websites in their search results. We have seen firsthand that good SEO means the client achieves high rankings.

Your website’s Google ranking, your Facebook Ads, and all the leads that come through your site are linked to the speed and user experience of your website. So, it is very important to your business that your website loads quickly for your visitors.

In May 2020, Google published Core Web Vitals metrics revealing that fast loading websites, the speed, have more opportunities for a rankings boost.

The speed factor has become increasingly important for websites, and Google is taking the lead by adjusting its search algorithm to take this factor into account.

Website Migration Services

Website Migration

Our expert team can migrate your WordPress or custom website between servers with no disruption. We will also handle domain transfers and DNS, to make the migration process as simple as possible.

WordPress Migration Experts

We are familiar with WordPress. We have successfully transferred so many websites, including WooCommerce, LearnDash, Divi, BuddyPress, and more. We are always available to do migrations any time you choose.

Website Migration Services

We migrate websites manually. This is much better than using a plugin like Duplicator, and also it allows us to check out and remove any of the adjustments on some web hosts (e.g. WPEngine, Bluehost, Siteground, GoDaddy…) make for their hosting environment.

Our web development experts will help you migrate your site so it’s SEO optimized, making sure that your website does not lose organic visibility and rankings during the migration process. We offer the following migration services:

  • Website migrations to a new hosting or platforms
  • Domain name migrations
  • SEO migrations
  • Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics migrations

Types of Website Migrations

  • Protocol: Changing your site protocol from http to https
  • Redesign: Making small aesthetic adjustments to the website layout, or even a complete website revamp
  • Subdomain: Changing your website from “” to “”
  • Structural: Changing the structure of your website, which means changing either the URL structure on which the website is built or user flow of a website
  • Domain: Changing the URL of your website from to
  • Hybrid or combination: Using a mix of all the above types of migrations
  • Top-Level Domain: Changing website URL from a .com to a .net, .org, etc., or vice versa

We are always available to do migrations any time you choose

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SEO Services,seo,Website Speed Optimization Services,website migration,technical seo audit
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SEO Services,seo,Website Speed Optimization Services,website migration,technical seo audit
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SEO Services,seo,Website Speed Optimization Services,website migration,technical seo audit
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What Our Clients are Saying

Really impressed with the service we got from Abu and the team. Excellent experience migrating my website from my old hosting server to my new one. Great results, very easy to work with. Much happier with our new hosting setup. Highly recommended.
Sameer Khan
We have worked with Ask Mr. Abu is a great resource for small companies, especially those who don’t have in-house SEO stuff. They have dramatically increased our web presence in the years we have been working with them. Abu and the team take time to understand your business needs and tailor their services to your short and long-term goals, making sure all your questions are answered. They provide excellent solutions and research for our unique needs and we would be lost without having them on our team.
Hannah Thompson
I used Ask Mr. Abu to migrate my website and fix some UX issues. Amazing service and Ben from their team was very helpful and resolved one issue that was not covered under the original work. I definitely recommend Ask Mr. Abu – great service.
Walter Wilson
This is simply the best service I’ve ever experienced. it was completely above and beyond my expectation. I had a website that was loading terribly slowly. Ask Mr. Abu and specifically David who worked on our website, was incredibly professional and very patient. They increased our speed site by over 90%. Couldn’t recommend them more! Thank you.
Steven Lopez
We have worked with Abu and his team for many years now and their customer service is top notch. They really care about their clients and deliver great results. Communication was exceptional. They performed a miracle with bringing our site down from 8 sec load time to 1 sec! Highly recommended!
Sarah Scott
Excellent service! Ben has been absolutely brilliant with helping us get our website back online. Highly recommended!
Victor Davis